Code: IT105

Description (from catalog):

This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of computing and information technology. The course presents foundational program design and construction techniques, with consideration given to principles of software engineering. Problem solving using computing devices as tools is a central theme throughout the course as students employ various design methodologies. Students utilize an integrated development environment and contemporary application software. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, creativity, and learning how to learn. Students are introduced to legal, ethical, professional, and security issues and the challenges, opportunities, and attributes of the cyber domain.

Semesters Taught:

  • Fall 2015 - 18 Students
  • Spring 2016 - 18 Students


  • Mark J. Guzdial, Barbara Ericson. Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python - a multimedia approach (4th Edition). Pearson 2016, ISBN: 978-0134025544, purchase